acb group

An extensive network of professional firms working together

In 2000, a number of heads of the top tax and business-economic consulting firms in the country, supported by prominent figures from the academic world, created ACBGroup, a company - network of firms whose synergy over diverse skills and whose integrated approach to business systems gives it its specific competitive advantage.

ACBGroup is the modern evolution of "tailor-made" consulting that combines the expertise of dedicated professionals with close affinity to the studios that have supported the historical development of the enterprise.

Modernity and tradition together, nurtured by constant research work on scenarios and methodologies conducted by the ACB Group Scientific Committee, led by Professor Victor Uckmar (legal and tax section) and Professor Luigi Guatri (business management section), both founding members of the Company.

An excellent professional association

of Giuseppe De Rita

Can you imagine a future as a big player in professional work? We at CENSIS have been the orchestrators of the processes of molecular proliferation of Italian business, catching and interpreting the tumultuous growth of small businesses, the explosion of self-employment, professionalism and atypical employment, the spontaneous vitality of localism: phenomena that have decisively marked the country's paths of growth since the war. The ascent of subjectivism, with its strongly formed matrix, has led today to the myriad five million businesses and individual micro-businesses; to the thousands of medium-size manufacturing firms that successfully face the challenges of the markets; the ranks of large industrial concerns willing to gamble on the international stage; the highly developed territorial and urban polycentrism, with cities tending towards growth and transformation, medium and large municipalities that are dynamic and possess significant financial and operational strength through networks of utilities, qualifying them as true territorial 'holding companies'. But can you imagine reorganisation as a big player for the professional services industry?

The explosion of globalisation as a new framework fostering development processes has shown us that the older entities are no long sufficient to cope with the global scale of the new front lines of competition. The new era of international competition, cost structuring, the rise of countries. Able to pressurise traditional players in the world economy really affects personal interests, and localism struggles to cope.

But if you don't want to resign yourself to confinement, the path forged by the ACBGroup is a shining example in the professional services industry: becoming a big player in professional consulting, being able to help your company in its growth process in Italy and in world, organising it into a structure on a scale consistent with globalization.

The strength of ACBGroup has been its ability to create value within the network of prestige professional firms at local level, with the consequence of enhancing the overall value of the network. At the same time, by encouraging the study and thorough academic and professional analysis of legal and economic issues, it has contributed to the exchange of interdisciplinary expertise and professionalism. The result is today a true "professional enterprise" based on the concentration of resources, skills and market opportunities, which has rewarded both strategic and financial investment.

So today ACBGroup has become a large network of advice providers that shows that even in the professional services sector, in the era of accelerated globalization, the territory need not represent the fetters of confinement, but can be the anchor point for going out to the world.

ACBGroup: A network for innovation

A network of 800 professionals from more than 50 integrated firms with legal- economic and business skills operating nationwide.

A total turnover estimated at € 300 million.

We are talking about a real "professional enterprise" that has no equal in Italy in terms of size and range of expertise.

The nationwide scope and years of experience serving the various sectors characterises ACBGroup as an example of a "network of professional enterprises" in anticipation of the innovative organisational form recently legally regulated under the name "business networks".

Recent CENSIS research, starting from a detailed analysis of the path travelled by ACBGroup (from the genesis of today's idea), encapsulated the current situation of the company (also sounding out the opinions of shareholders with respect to function and outlook) and described the functional model and potential professional development scenarios.